Carve: A Diverse Outdoors

A concept for a conference and festival focused around creating an intersectional effort to increase diversity in the outdoors.


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Current inclusion efforts in the outdoor industry focus solely on increasing the number of women in the outdoors. While increasing any kind of diversity is should be celebrated, this effort only perpetuates the gender binary without regards to increasing diversity of people of other gender identities, races, ethnicities, classes, shapes, sizes, you name it: the industry needs work.

Carve: A Diverse Outdoors is  a Conference and week-long festival pushing to make this effort intersectional. The conference explores the idea that maybe it’s no longer a matter of fitting “others” into the existing system and culture, but carving out new a space for the industry to exist, created by and for this diverse group.

The weekend conference is for local professionals to celebrate existing efforts and explore how to improve the intersectionality of future endeavors.

The following week is for anyone interested in an activity to attend a variety of organized events hosted by local organizations and companies. This includes anything from organized runs through Brooks in Fremont to skate classes with the organization Skate Like a Girl. 

The conference is hosted outdoors at Seward park.

The rest of the events are hosted throughout the city to improve access to activities that otherwise may be unavailable to some.

An event created for raising up the outdoor underdog, the vibes are inspired by the quirky energy of misfit skate magazines and laid back outdoors feel of surf culture.

Carve’s priorities are accessibility and empowerment. The brand needs to be accessible for everyone, but at the same time, this is about carving out space. We’re balancing it’s action, engagement, and energy with an approachable softness.

The site is clean and legible to increase it’s accessibility while the large graphic locked behind scrolling text and images pulls in the quirkiness of the Carve brand.

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