The Passion Project

A video interview series collected on a two month roadtrip across the country.


Dana Golan
Sahm Lee

As students in creative fields get closer to graduation, feelings of insecurity about the way their passions, career, and responsibilities will instersect in their lives is inevitable.

The Passion Project is the online story archive that acts as a resource for students to find inspiration in crafting their own path and assurance that whatever twists and turns they take on that path will bring them closer to where they want to be.

Erik Marinovich: Lettering artist and designer in San Francisco, CA

We interviewed 20 creative professionals from across the United States including the lovely Erik Marinovich (above). Each interview is currently being edited into a 3-5 minute video and posted to our website

On the Road
We spent two months living out of our car to travel the country to meet all of the wonderful folks we interviewed. Along the way we recorded our feelings and drew a daily illustration to help ourselves process the experience and share those thoughts in real time. 

Sample of Illustrations:

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@Bellingham, WA